As long as it flows

by Talamyus

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Released on Great White North Records


released November 23, 2005




all rights reserved


Talamyus Montréal, Québec

Benoît St-Jean ~ Guitar & Vocals ~ 2002 to present
Dany St-Jean ~ Bass ~ 2002 to present
Nikolai Olekhnovitch ~ Guitar ~ 2009 to present
Etienne Gallo~ Drums ~ 2012 to present

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Track Name: Hunger
As I rule the darkness
And the forest as my world
I'm the son of Satan
i'm looking for christian blood

Like a sign of a god
There's a church in my domain
Not knowing they die tonight
I start my hunt without noise

You die now
Empty is your body of blood

The end of christianity is mine
Track Name: Dark Land
My power is so intense
I reign here, i'm so supreme
This land is now my dark land
Every single life is my slave

Being king, controlling all
Nobody can stand me now
This land is now my dark land
Every single life is my slave

I am the dark sorcerer
In this war land, dark land
I am the master supreme
In this dark land, war land

Infinite are my options
Forever I'll live on
This land is now my dark land
Every single life is my slave

Vampiric soldiers
That's all you've become
You're nothing
I'm your god

Come to my dark land
You shall be damned
Track Name: In The Name Of Blood
My sight is red
Violence is in
I want to give you my pain

Hatred for you
I can't stand you
Tonight you're gonna die

Violence is my guide
You mean no shit
I want to kill all of your kind

See through my eyes
Feel the anger
I want to kill all your kind

In the name of blood
Punish the bastards
Until I plead for death
This is your last night
You fuckin' die
Track Name: Never Betray (Free/Gratuis Download)
Living for metal
Metal is my god
Metalhead I am
Forever more

Power and passion
That's what's all about
Together as one
We can't be stopped

Losers and posers
Leave the metal zone
This is not your place
We won't fall

Never betray

Betray our god
From us, no respect
Defy our god
Feel our rage
Track Name: Weakness
Darkness is all around
Demons are too much to count
You're the weakness
No one cares less

Hell surrounds your soul
You're acting like a fool
You're the weakness
No one cares less

Your mind
Is focused
To their voices

No, can't trust you no more
No, can't be controlled no more
No, ain't victimized no more
Track Name: Bloodbath...
Leading our path to glory
We shall fight with pride
With our swords in our hands
We fight for victory

The war isn't over
It's just the beginning of the end
These blood suckers will not win
They only fight with hatred

War of blood
The sun soon will rise
War of blood
Together we fight

War of blood
They are stronger at night
War of blood
Their armies grow in size

The more we fight
The more we loose some men
The battlefield is bloodier
The vampires are stronger

More of my men die
We've become strongless
Our war ended in a blood bath
We are at their mercy


The battle rages on in the field
With our swords and shields
We've lost the war
We are ready to die

We fought four our cause in the field
I've sacrificed my life for...
We've lost the war
We are ready to die

Leading our path to loss
We fought with pride
With our swords on the field
We fought for our lives

I'm surrounded by vampires
I'm the sole survivor
I'll fight until the end
I'm becoming one of them
Track Name: ...In The Battlefield
I'm rising up from the dead
I'm so alive
I feel so weird inside
I've forgot all my past

My enemies are on my side
They control all of my thoughts
The only thing I've realized
It's death aroudn the battlefield

I got only hatred
Only chaos satisfies my inner-self

I am the sole survivor
I am born in a new rise

The sun soon will rise
I'ma bout to hide
I feel so weird inside
I've forgot all my past

One last time
My human feelings appears
I'm destroying who has created me
Hoping for my future